These 4 pictures should strike more fear into the heart of a politician than any rockous town hall meeting, call, letter, or Tea Party. 24 hours ago we put out the word we needed 13 volunteers to be “Legislative Captains,” (one for each of the 13 state legislators we have here in Utah county). The Legislative Captains would work in their respective legislative districts to recruit delegates for the convention. We sent about 50 very targeted invites to people based on their address. We gathered the names from our Tea Party sign up sheets. 20 people showed up. So, with the extra people, we asked what expertise everyone had. We then divided up duties on Facebook, events, marketing, and a new website, www.utah912teaparty.com. On the whiteboard “POP” stands for Precinct Operation Program. Just say NO to RINOS.

Here’s one of the pics. Cool setting!


UPDATE: A reader emails: “I like it: Garage-band politics.” Heh. But that’s no ordinary garage.