November 18, 2009

ANN ALTHOUSE: Another Obama-is-like-Nixon Moment. I’d forgotten about the Nixon/Manson pronouncement, but the similarity is eerie.

UPDATE: Reader John Marcoux writes: “I think it’s helpful to remember that everything for the Obama administration is about getting a healthcare bill passed. Quickly cave on ACORN, dump controversial administration figures, pigeon hole Cap and Trade. Now they have us all huffing and puffing over a bizarre decision about where to try KSM, a decision that could quickly be withdrawn, while Dingy Harry quietly moves his healthcare bill to a vote on Friday.” Yeah, though I don’t think all the foulups and debacles on other fronts are helping them with healthcare, even if they are distractions.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Quinnipiac: Obama Under 50 For First Time. Like I said.

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