October 26, 2009

THEY TOLD ME IF I VOTED FOR MCCAIN, THE WHITE HOUSE WOULD BECOME AN OLD BOYS’ CLUB — AND THEY WERE RIGHT! NOW President on President Obama’s All-Male Athletic Outings: ‘It’s Troubling’.

Related: Obama’s White House Boys’ Club: “Obama has played golf more times than George W. Bush did in his first 2 years. But there’s something even more interesting: Obama didn’t include any women in these golf rounds until last weekend, at which time he golfed with a woman once. . . . If there is any serious feminism left in this country — by which I mean the kind of feminism we had back before the Clinton presidency — it would ream a man who sought credit for inclusiveness toward women by referring to the fact that he had a wife and daughters in his household. . . . So maybe it’s a little like the post-racial America we were supposed to get — but didn’t get — after Obama was elected. It’s the post-gender America. No one needs to notice who’s male and who’s female anymore. So the inner circle is all male? You’re not supposed to even see it!”

Related: Exciting new growth sector in feminism: bashing women.

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