August 23, 2009

YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK: Good news: Feds pulling workers away from FAA to staff exploding Cash for Clunkers bureaucracy. “Employees of the FAA’s air-traffic-control unit were asked to help.” But don’t worry, it’s overstaffed anyway . . . .

Plus: “Percentage of dealer claims that had been reimbursed by the feds as of Thursday: Seven. How bad does a program have to be to goose sales as much as C4C has and still be badmouthed by the industry? This bad, I guess. . . . There’s actually a serious risk here that the feds are going to mismanage a simple car-rebate program into bankruptcy. Oh, and more good news: Confirming earlier suspicions, it’s foreign carmakers that are getting the lion’s share of the sales. Exit question: Which is more frightening as an omen for ObamaCare’s future problems? Yesterday’s $2 trillion upwards budget revision or this wheezing canary in the coal mine?”

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