ALL 435 DISTRICTS: ‘Tea Party’ Organizers Plan Anti-‘Obamacare’ Rallies Across the Country.

UPDATE: Tucson’s was yesterday, and Robert Mayer reports: “The Recess Rally was great everyone! About 700 at our peak, with probably 1000 total. Keep it up everyone! Gabby [Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-AZ] has now announced that she will hold three townhalls, including one in Tucson on Sept 1. Can’t wait to be at that manufactured mess! Also, don’t forget about our townhall on Aug 28!”

ANOTHER UPDATE: Blue Dog: Hey, this town-hall anger seems pretty real to me. “Why are people scared? The government is about to take over one-sixth of the nation’s economy, even though soaring deficits make it clear that it can’t properly handle what’s on the plate now. It just fumbled a stimulus package and a program to kill old cars, and somehow people have the notion that this competence will continue with something more vital — their health care. They don’t want the government in charge of those decisions and invading their personal lives. The only surprise here is that elected officials didn’t see this coming, although clearly the White House had an inkling — which is why they tried to rush the bill through to a vote.”