MORE TEA PARTY NEWS FROM OHIO: Justin Binik-Thomas emails:

The Eastern Hills Community Tea Party (part of Cincinnati Tea Party) and the Cincinnati 9/12 Project were alerted to an ACORN healthcare rally in the Community of Kenwood Ohio.

We had 90 minutes notice and they had paychecks. We outnumbered them by a margin greater than 2:1.

Brenda and Gena from Eastern Hills Community Tea Party reported:

Everything went really well – we outnumbered our opponents at least 2-1. Our posters were far superior to theirs (no exaggeration – “Jesus wants Healthcare” “People before Profit” “Medicare for All” , “Public Option”) We received beeps from car horns and ‘thumbs-up’ 4-1 and even ONE great big SEMI AIRHORN agreement with a thumbs-up from the driver from his back window as he went by!! It was totally cool. And just as Richard predicted the ACORN people left right on the stroke of 6 o’clock. We couldn’t believe it. So it was high 5’s all around. One thing I forgot to tell my partners in crime at dinner afterwards was the following: As I was going across the street back to get my car a driver slowed as he turned the corner to say out his window his heart felt Thanks for showing up with our signs against the others. I could see the emotion in his eyes how much it meant to him. It was ALL Good.

This keeps happening.