POST-PARTISAN, POST RACIAL? Voight: Is Obama creating a civil war in America? We’re a long way from that, but he’s certainly been the most divisive President since Nixon.

UPDATE: Victor Davis Hanson:

Worse still, his base is now arguing for him to get more partisan, get meaner, get angrier, and get more fired up — also at precisely the time that polls suggest he is falling for already doing just that — and losing his once bipartisan, no-more-red/no-more-blue-state supposed transcendence.

In truth, as partisans tell Obama to get nasty, his rhetoric the last 90 days has already been exclusively polarizing. The administration and its supporters have ridiculed tea-parties, town-hallers, Republican skepticism about deficits, etc. — evoking everything from Brooks Brothers to the Nazis, from being un-Christian to now getting “wee-weed up.”

Even Nixon never did that. Of course, he had Agnew, who was a more reliable hatchetman than Joe Biden.