THE WHOLE HOW NOT TO ACT OLD THING IS DEEPLY PATHETIC IN SO MANY WAYS, but it’s also a font of really lousy advice. For example, #145: Do Not Listen To Your Sorry-Ass Old Music. “When my daughter threatened to jump out the window of the speeding car, I hit on the idea of letting her download new songs for me, and in the process give me a musical education.”

My own experience is precisely the reverse: Like James Lileks, I find that “Techno does for me now what rock used to.” But my daughter and her friends are all into classic rock — at a sleepover Friday night they all watched Tommy. My daughter got me to put some classic rock on my iPod for car trips — The Who, Stones, Beatles, Zeppelin– and it’s actually encouraged me to listen to that stuff again after going years without doing so. But when I picked ’em up from The Time Traveler’s Wife I was listening to “Acid Hustle” by the Plump DJs.