MEGAN MCARDLE: “When I wrote the other week about why I am opposed to national health care, a number of people angrily demanded to know why I was writing about something that ‘no one is proposing’. Now, this is clearly a lunatic statement. I was writing about something that many people were proposing. I just wasn’t writing about the nebulous bills currently wending their way through various committees. . . . I have voiced my various practical objections to the particular options on the table at various moments. But the main thing is that I don’t want to give the government a greater role in health care markets. Nay, not even if all the other countries . . . well, all the cool countries, anyway . . . are doing it. To the liberals proclaiming that, unlike those of us in the conservative or libertarian camps, they are practical people just seeking the best way to make us all better off, I say: I think your utilitarian calculus is badly wrong.”