CAMILLE PAGLIA CRITICIZES OBAMA’S HEALTHCARE PLAN AND — despite the “I still support him” preface — gets labeled a “cuntzilla” by an angry lefty. Thou shalt not criticize The One!

UPDATE: Charles Austin emails:

For fun I clicked through to read some of the other letters by the deranged lefty who insulted Camille Paglia and found this:

Whenever you set out to denigrate someone, all you end up doing is denigrating yourself. I highly doubt a lot of you can afford any more unattractive qualities so take heed.

Who said irony is dead? But seriously, this person needs some serious help.

And I suspect he/she is not alone.

UPDATE: Reader David Brown writes: “When I read her column, which listed many of the outrageous actions of Obama’s crew, and then the part about how she still ‘loved’ Obama, all I could think of the ‘battered wife syndrome’.” She’ll find the courage to leave him eventually.