Here’s a thought: What if Obama said, to the health care protesters and worried seniors, “I understand your concerns” instead of letting his press secretary and party allies sneer at them (for being “well-dressed” or thugs or dupes who don’t know “the facts,” etc.)? Isn’t that more the Obama Way, as opposed to the Lehanist “fight club” way?

Hmm. My first thought was that this would be more consistent with how Obama ran his campaign, as opposed to how he’s governing. But then I remembered Stanley Kurtz and Milt Rosenberg. And, of course, the Barack Obama Truth Squad. So I’m not so sure that what’s going on is really inconsistent with the “Obama Way,” though I agree with Kaus that it’s probably hurting them more than it’s helping.

UPDATE: Having Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer call protesters “Un-American” isn’t going to help.