J.D. JOHANNES is reporting from Afghanistan, and emails:

Hitched a ride from Jalalabad to Kabul to start working the elections.

In Kabul, then flying commercial to Herat for election work.

The elections are on the 20th and things are heating up on the campaign trail. Afghanistan used to have elections throughout the 1960’s and even into the early 70’s. Then the stopped during the Soviet and Taliban era. There were elections in 2005 and now this year there is the presidential and provincial council elections.

Karzai and Abudullah Abdullah are duking it out on radio and a little on TV. Radio is more common in Afghanistan, especially in areas like Mehtar Lam, Jalalabad, Kunar, etc.

Attached is a picture of campaign posters and some scenery from the helicopter flight from JBad to Kabul.


More at his blog.