OBAMA’S “TAKE A PAINKILLER” ADVICE TO HEART PATIENT leaves the Insta-wife distinctly unimpressed.

UPDATE: Reader Lin Bartholomew writes:

The video you linked appears to be edited to leave out some of Obama’s response. Please check out this one of the same event.

It stops short of where the one you linked discusses painkillers, but if you take the two in combination it does place his response in a different light.

He seems to be suggesting that the pacemaker made sense only if it saved money – his answer, by not addressing the quality of life issue brought up by Jane Sturm, tells us much about Obamacare, none of it good.

Hmm. I think he doesn’t look as bad here. On the other hand, this post from when the broadcast took place doesn’t make him look any better. Your call.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Here’s the full exchange. I don’t think this makes much difference, but you can make up your own mind. Note the skeptical look Ms. Sturm is giving Obama at about 3:44.