HERE’S A REPORT ON THE San Diego Obamacare protest outside Barbara Boxer’s office.

UPDATE: C.J. Burch emails: “By the by Jim Marshall just appeared on the local news here to inform his constituents that he will not vote for Obama care and that it will not pass the Senate. What that portends, I do not know.”

ANOTHER UPDATE: A report from Ohio, from reader Pat Dooley: “About 30 protesters assembled outside Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown’s office and then met with his staff for an hour afterwards. My wife Diana Price took the attached picture. She was one of the organizers.” I’ll just note that — consistent with Jim Geraghty’s advice — 30 people who show up at the office and meet is probably worth more than 300 who march in a park somewhere.


And Robert Mayer emails from Tucson:

The Cap’n’Traitor / health care tea party protest in front of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ (D-AZ) office here in Tucson is shaping up to be a battle. The Pima County Dems ( have on their front page a notice calling the Tea Party an extremist organization. They’re organizing a counter-protest to us.

Additionally, in an email sent out to supporters, the conclusion reads: “Tucson, let’s show America what it looks like to come together for the common good of the party, because we know the Tea Party is WRONG and that takes precedence over any other agenda!”

Basically, our tea party organization has made so many waves here that the Democrats are now focusing on US instead of the Republican Party.

Hopefully there will be some media coverage. I’ll be sure to get you some pics by tomorrow! Should be quite a sight!

Sounds like it. The Tucson Tea Party folks, you may remember, got 1,000 people to show up at a City Council meeting to protest a local tax increase.