ROGER SIMON: Storm Clouds On The Fourth of July. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen my country so divided and depressed on the Fourth of July in my lifetime and – no matter what Bob Dylan dreamed up – I’m not young, forever or otherwise. That includes the Vietnam War period when both sides at least had some conviction and excitement for the future, even if wrong. Not so now. The current situation is grim. Obama is already over. In six short months the now-spattered bumper stickers with ‘Hope and Change’ seem like pathetic remnants from the days of ’23 Skidoo,’ the echoes of ‘Yes, we can’ more nauseating than ever in their cliché-ridden evasiveness. Although they may pretend otherwise, even Obama’s choir in the mainstream media seems to know he’s finished, their defenses of his wildly over-priced medical and cap-and-trade schemes perfunctory at best. Everyone knows we can’t afford them.”