TEA-PARTY ORGANIZER DAVID KIRKHAM EMAILS: “ABC is going to give Obama an hour long infomercial to promote his utopian vision of socialized medicine. At least ABC has finally admitted to being the All Barack Channel–no surprise there. The All Barak Channel is not even going to allow any opposing views on socialized medicine to be aired–even ones that were paid for. A 912er friend called…time for a rally. Tea Party #6 so far this year!” They’ll be protesting at the ABC affiliate in Salt Lake City Wednesday night at 8. (Here’s the Facebook page). Interesting. Is this sort of thing happening elsewhere?

UPDATE: There will be one in Cincinnati, and one outside ABC studios in New York, according to readers. Let me know of any others.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Also Houston. And Dallas.

YET ANOTHER UPDATE: A reader emails: “The Tea Partiers in Kansas City are holding a protest outside KMBC Channel 9 on Thursday. These folks do a good job.”