EUGENE VOLOKH: “Wise Latina” speech: troubling.

President Obama agrees.

UPDATE: Latinos for impartiality.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Paul Harper writes:

Is it just me or does the administration seem to be very, very much on the back foot right now? Maybe it’s Kim, maybe it’s the appalling jobless figures, the debt, failed treasuries, or something the Chinese said, but it looks to me like the WH is very much looking for some enemies to blame.

The initial ‘be exceedingly careful’ preemptive attack failed completely to divert attention from the ‘wise Latina’ statement. As a result, the administration can’t rely on patterns of accusations that worked extremely well in the past. Are the Brits the new French?

I think it a big mistake to underestimate the President’s mind-control powers, however, especially over the press. I expect pliant Dems will give him everything he wants. Republicans are currently rudderless.

Well, the press covers for people until it stabs them in the back. Will that happen with Obama? Probably, eventually. I think they hope to put it off 5 or 6 years . . . . Meanwhile, the backtracking probably doesn’t help.

MORE: From James Taranto, an Archie Bunker analogy. Plus, “the infamous ‘douche bag’ case.”