HOPE AND CHANGE! Fewer Than 20% of Grads Land Job Offers. (Via NewsAlert).

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UPDATE: Reader Jeff Johnson writes:

The funny thing about the article you linked is that they don’t mention any of the graduating students majors. Usually that’s the first thing you list when quoting them. So they’re graduating with a 3.8 GPA – if it’s not a marketable field then no company really cares. “I’m an honors grad in Western Lit, I deserve a good job!” Doing what?

I graduated in ’84 from a college in the Pacific NW where the recession had hit especially hard. I had a 3.5 GPA in mathematics with a double minor in computer science and statistics. I started interviewing the first week of school my senior and continually throughout that year, including several site visits where I was flown in to interview. I didn’t get my first job offer until after I had graduated and I didn’t accept/start my first “real” job until September. Today’s grads are experiencing what I went through and if they don’t have a marketable skill they need to think about learning something that is.

Yes. That’s always good advice, really.