DENVER POST: Dems red-faced over veteran imposter. “He spoke at a Barack Obama veterans rally in front of the Capitol in July, co-hosted several events with then- congressional candidate Jared Polis and attacked Republican Senate candidate Bob Schaffer in a TV ad paid for by the national group And the mostly Democratic candidates he supported — looking for credibility on veterans issues and the war — lapped it up appreciatively. Now, politicians are dealing with news that the man they believed to be a former Marine and war veteran wounded in Iraq by a roadside bomb, in fact, never served in the military — but did spend time in a mental hospital.”

Doesn’t really matter. Election’s over, and he served his purpose. Meanwhile, advice for the future: If an antiwar “veteran” appears, do a background check. There have been so many fakes — Micah Wright, Jesse Macbeth, etc. — that you can’t just take their word for it.