WAPO: In N.Y., Low-Flying Planes Panic Locals, Infuriate Lawmakers: White House Apologizes for Not Warning of ‘Aerial Photo Mission’. This seems emblematic, somehow.

And check out the cellphone photo accompanying the photo. Eerily reminiscent.

UPDATE: Reader Greg Lesko writes: “Is anyone going to press the administration on this ‘photo op’? Sure would be ironic if O was using all that carbon for promotional purposes. Mission accomplished!”

ANOTHER UPDATE: Heh: “Several writers on NRO have mentioned that the Obama administration is returning to a Sept 10 mindset. I guess the flyover is proof of that. But if they’re going to go back in time, how about letting us wear our shoes through airport screening? ”

And reader Kevin Harmon emails:

Scare the crap out of a known terrorist . . . . . it’s torture

Scare the crap out of thousands of New Yorkers . . . . . . . it’s a photo op.

Hope and change!

And reader Wayne Dahl writes: “Wouldn’t Photoshop have been cheaper? And less C02?”