AU students protest Barney speech

About 130 American University students have signed an online petition of sorts asking the school’s administration to withdraw an invitation to Barney Frank, who is slated to deliver a commencement address at AU’s School of Public Affairs in a few weeks.

The students blame the fiery House Financial Services chairman for the financial meltdown, singling out his longtime support of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae as contributing to the severity of the crisis and magnitude of bailouts. . . . Many of the signees are members of the campus Young Republicans chapter but a handful are Dems or independents — and one of the protesters is the vice-president of the campus Democrats, she said.

DeStefano has set up a Facebook “AU Students & Alumni Against Barney Frank @ SPA Commencement ’09” page that has 128 signees.

On it, she claims Frank “helped lead us and the world into a global economic meltdown,” and describes the Massachusetts Democrat as “excessively partisan and notoriously divisive during times when compromise and bipartisanship is needed the most.”

(Via NewsAlert).