Reminding us of the spendthrift ways of President Bush and the Republican Congresses of the early 2000s, Democratic officials and liberal bloggers attempt to deny the sincerity of Tea Party protesters and conservative Republicans decrying the excessive government spending proposed by President Obama and passed by a Democratic Congress. Their line of attack shows the would rather dwell on our alleged hypocrisy than defend their excessive spending.

It is shocking that some of the very people who attacked then-President Bush for increasing the debt burden we are passing onto the younger generation support his successor’s plan to increase that debt far quickly than W ever dreamed possible.

Yeah, it’s kinda weird to say that if you didn’t raise a stink about a $300 billion deficit, you can’t complaint about a $2 trillion deficit. But in fact, some of us were complaining — and, as I recall, being criticized then because we weren’t talking about whatever the lefty critics wanted us to blog about instead at the time. But you know Al Gore’s story about the slowly-boiling frog? Obama’s turned the stove up to 11, and the frog has started to kick.

Meanwhile, Jason Pye comments: Dissent is not unhealthy, it’s patriotic. We used to hear that a lot . . . .