A REPORT FROM LANSING: “The grounds of the state Capitol were packed with protesters today, as several thousand Michiganders turned out for one of the national Tea Party demonstrations against excess taxation, government regulation and assorted other maladies. An estimated 3,000 to 4,000 people showed up for the midday event, one of dozens across the state and hundreds nationally.”

Plus, a report from Columbia, S.C. Also, this: “Thousands of people gathered in front of the Statehouse and around the state today to boo big government, socialism and taxes while enthusiastically cheering Gov. Mark Sanford and his stance on not accepting federal stimulus money.”

Plus, unhappiness with the establishment: California Tea Party to California GOP: Smackdown. “Will this make the MSM coverage? It doesn’t fit the narrative. But it’s yet another demonstration that this movement is not partisan and equal opportunity when it comes to holding politicians’ feet to the fire for fiscal irresponsibility and fecklessness.”

And Protest Babes! And a photo gallery from CNET News.

UPDATE: Hartford Courant: Hartford Tea Party Draws Thousands. That can’t make Chris Dodd feel any better.

Plus, Charlottesville pics. And lots more from Chicago.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Columbus, Ohio: Thousands Converge On Statehouse To Protest Gov’t Spending, Bailouts.