March 28, 2009

I MENTIONED THE HUGE CROWD AT MARK LEVIN’S BOOK-SIGNING, but reader Dan Byers sends this video. That’s a truly amazing line. He writes: “My wife and I just got back from Levin’s book signing in Tysons Corner. The line was unbelievable. As much as we love Mark, we decided not to stand out in the cold rain for five hours. But thousands of others seemed happy to do so–here is a quick video I took that shows the size of the line–the passion and size of his following sure make it easy to understand why the Left wants to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine (or ‘Localism,’ it’s kinder-sounding twin).” And why they’ll have a lot of angry people to deal with if they try. . . . The book’s still #1 on Amazon.

UPDATE: Bob Krumm writes: “The video of the line for the Mark Levin book signing was truly astounding. However, if I could give a pointer to recorders of future Levin line videos, it would be a variation of your ‘Protest Babe’ rule. That is, to reenact the scene from Eurotrip where there is an enormous line of people waiting to get into the Louvre and the camera quickly pans past everyone until it comes to a dead stop in front of a particularly attractive woman in the line, before resuming footage of the rest of the line.” Hmm. Are such media techniques too contrived for the blog-world? I mean, next somebody might be doing “man on the street” interviews about Obama with these folks without talking about why they’re at the Mall today. And that sort of manipulative technique would be wrong.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Krumm responds: “You ask: ‘Are such media techniques too contrived for the blog-world?’ If there are protest babes involved—no.”

MORE: So what does this mean? I haven’t read Levin’s book yet — the InstaWife grabbed it and wrote this — but I suspect that neither have the people waiting in line, who are just now buying their copies. I think it has more to do with a transition out of apathy, and a desire to show up and be counted, much like the Tea Party protests. With all respect to Levin, who has a lot of fans, I think this is bigger than him — and I suspect he’d say the same thing.

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