March 12, 2009

HARTFORD COURANT: Dodd Seen As Vulnerable in 2010 Race: “U.S. Sen. Christopher Dodd, already reeling from questions about his role in the Countrywide mortgage scandal and singed by the collapse of the nation’s banking industry, is being seen as increasingly vulnerable in the 2010 election.”

Plus, more questions about Dodd’s Irish “cottage:”

Mr. Dodd is busy these days blaming everyone else for the real-estate bubble and financial meltdown. But he owes his constituents and the Senate an honest accounting of his Galway property over the past 15 years. If its value grew with the rest of the area, he needs to explain why Mr. Kessinger handed it over for a song, why that isn’t an unreported gift under Senate rules, and what role Mr. Downe might have played as a middleman.

More broadly, Connecticut voters might want to know why their senior Senator has hung around for years with Mr. Downe, the kind of financial scoundrel Mr. Dodd spends so much time denouncing.


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