March 4, 2009

HARTFORD COURANT: CNBC’s Kudlow After Dodd’s Seat?

As conservative economist on the weeknight CNBC show “Kudlow and Co.,” Larry Kudlow just last month was poking at U.S. Sen. Christopher Dodd, D-Conn.

Dodd “has yet to divulge fully his sweetheart mortgage deals with the former Countrywide,” Kudlow said in a Feb. 13 screed. “He’s re-fi’ed his mortgages, but we don’t know those documents, either. Instead of being impeached, he’s still around.”

Now, it appears as if the TV show host and economic consultant and syndicated columnist may be going directly after Dodd.

Politico reporter Josh Kraushaar reported Monday that Kudlow “confirmed his interest” in running against Dodd in 2010.

Works for me. I like Larry. And, anyway, I’m ready to go ABD: Anybody But Dodd.

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