March 1, 2009


Where should the Tea Party Protests go next? Here are three suggestions:

* Where are House Minority Leader John Boehner, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnel and Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele? They should be challenged to get involved because the Tea Party Protests represents their greatest leverage against the Obama policy onslaught.

* The next round of protests should focus on places like Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco district office and those of other Democratic leaders “back home.” Their home turf is Washington, ours is their home districts. For years, Jesse Jackson, ACORN and others on the Left have used Saul Alinksky’s tactic of targeted public pressure on banks, corporations and Supreme Court Justices. It’s time to give them a taste of the fact it works both ways. Not violently, but with sufficient vigor to drive the point home.

* March on the White House and Congress. Great movements need great goals. Gather millions of signatures on Tea Party Protests Petitions. Set a summer date for delivery in person. By hundreds of thousands of Tea Party Protesters from across the country.

And that will just be the start.

Plus, the end of Obama’s “Star Trek shield” against criticism.

UPDATE: Dan Riehl: “I wouldn’t rule out marching on some GOP politicians, too.” Indeed. And they’re already jeering Arlen Specter.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Katie Alitz writes:

My husband and I watched a political commentary show this a.m. in the bluest of blue Boston. The guest was Congressman Stephen Lynch and he spent 15 minutes criticizing the stimulus that he voted for! It was heavy criticism and my husband was amazed. Why the shift? Simple, I say. He spent a weekend in his district and he got more than an earful from his constituents.

Obama’s big mistake in my view is the call to class warfare. People who make between $85,000 and $500,000 basically identify as middle class–at least in high cost areas like Boston. My husband and I may be at the higher end of that spectrum, but we don’t take any more vacations than our neighbors who happen to be cops or firefighters. Our cars are no better. Our kids go to school together. Our kids see no differences other than most of their friends have been to Disney World and they have not.

Obama thinks he’ll get the $85K -$150K folks to turn on the rotten $250K plus. He’s wrong. We all identify with each other.

We’ll see. And reader Mike Domagala writes:

One item of interest – the lack of coverage by the Chicago Tribune.

I was there on Friday – maybe just under 1,000 people. Started across from City Hall (and the CBS studio), and we marched to Pioneer Plaza.

Despite the fact that the march was led by the city’s leading Republican (Peraica), and that we ended up about a sand wedge away from the Chicago Tribune headquarters, there still was not any coverage in their Saturday paper.

Somebody tell me again how this is a “Republican newspaper”.

Well, it was back in FDR’s day.

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