February 20, 2009

I’VE MENTIONED BEFORE that I’m a happy Amazon Prime customer. But here’s another reason to be. I just got an email telling me that the Balance Nutrition Bars I ordered have been recalled b/c of that peanut butter salmonella thing. If I’d bought ’em at Target, that wouldn’t have happened.

UPDATE: Reader Richard VanderHoek writes: “Glenn, my wife bought some Detour bars from Costco, and she was notified by them that they had been recalled. I love Amazon also, but other companies are doing the same thing. Just thought you’d like to know…” And Tracy Heath emails: “I have a great love for my Amazon Prime Membership (which was purchased based on your glowing reviews). I also have a strong love for Target and must give them their due. I received an automated call from Target a few weeks back letting me know that the Peanut Butter Luna Bars that were purchased on my Target Visa account had been recalled. Granted, these calls probably only reached Target card members, but it was a nice touch.” Cool.

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