February 17, 2009


Who were the bag men for Fannie, Freddie, Wall St, big CA lenders? Dodd, Frank, Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, etc. Let’s start the “Truth Commissions” asap. No more of this revisionist “same failed policies of the last 8 years” BS.

Conservatives need to stay on point and not let people forget who caused this mess. The fact that all of these bag men that caused the problem are now in charge of fixing the problem. Keep on hammering and keep on educating the masses. Don’t let this issue fade away.

We are waiting in mass here in “flyover country” for a true conservative voice to rally us. If we don’t fight now we can take this to your f-n grave. To our f-n graves. ( God bless Herb Brooks).

I don’t think anybody wants to turn over all the rocks behind this scandal.

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