February 7, 2009


Fix Wilson Yard, the grassroots community organization that claims to represent more than 2,000 Chicago residents, alleges numerous abuses on the city’s part in the creation, planning, implementation and funding of the Wilson Yard TIF District and the corresponding Wilson Yard development.

Subpoenas were filed last month seeking information on Web sites hosted by Buena Park Neighbors and the Uptown Neighborhood Council. The revelation comes on the heels of subpoenas served at Google, asking for ownership information about two anonymous blogs, Uptown Update and What the Helen.

According to copies of the subpoenas obtained by News-Star, Google and its hosting service, Blogger, are being asked to produce information “related to the identity of the person or persons who created and/or control ‘WhattheHelen.com’ and ‘Uptown Update’ blogs and websites (sic).”

Uptown Update is an active blog that has gained popularity as a clearinghouse for information about the Uptown neighborhood. What the Helen was active during the 2007 aldermanic election and has not been updated in more than a year. . . . The neighborhood organizations are being asked to produce all posts in “the form of a blog, chat room comment, website (sic) post or any other form that relates to the Wilson Yard development, Alderman [Helen] Shiller, or Uptown development.”

Expose Chicago politicians and their cronies, and they’ll try to expose you, I guess.

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