RASMUSSEN: 50% Say Stimulus Plan Likely to Make Things Worse. “Many Americans simply accept the notion that no matter how bad things are, Congress could make them worse. Most voters currently rate Congress’ performance as poor, and most expect that lobbyists will have more influence on the legislation than voters or the president. When reacting to the economic downturn, 46% of Americans remain more concerned that the government will do too much while 41% worry it will do too little.”

UPDATE: Byron York: “On Capitol Hill, you can feel the Republicans’ growing sense of confidence. They’ve scored a lot of hits on the stimulus bill, and now they’re aiming higher.” I think the stimulus bill is a bad one, and I’m glad to see the Republicans trying to kill it rather than — as I had feared — just holding out for some payola before going along and providing bipartisan cover for a massive looting operation. Let’s see if they can hold things together and not screw it up.