WILDCAT STRIKES in Britain. “There were also appeals for the campaign to be stepped up, with one user recalling the fuel protests in 2000 that Tony Blair, then prime minister, at one stage feared could bring down the Government.”

And Janet Daley comments in the Telegraph: “What the strikers at the Lindsey oil refinery (and their brother supporters in Nottinghamshire and Kent) have discovered is the real meaning of the fine print in those treaties. . . . In the grand abstract terms of the enlightenment, the legitimacy of government derives from the consent of the governed, and therefore no government should have the right to hand over its authority to some external body which is not democratically accountable to its own people. So when the framers of the EU arranged for the nations of Europe to do exactly that, they were repudiating the two centuries old political struggle for the rights and liberties of ordinary citizens.” Read the whole thing.

UPDATE: Here’s some background on those fuel protests.