STILL MORE ON TOM DASCHLE’S TAX PROBLEMS IN CONTEXT: “As a life-long politician, Tom Daschle never earned much money. But he retired from the Senate, after being defeated for re-election by John Thune, as a multimillionaire. He retired to Georgetown, of course, not to South Dakota. This happens a lot in Washington, and Daschle’s case is pretty typical. His wife Linda is or was a lobbyist, and she was the one who reported the family’s income. . . . Another thing that happens a lot in Washington is that when Democrats get appointed to visible, high-ranking positions in the Executive Branch, they suddenly discover that they owe a lot more money in taxes.”

Hope, change, and a new kind of politics!

UPDATE: Reader Dave Bosserman emails:

I hope we get more stories like this; keep ’em coming! I think we all know that not paying over $100K in taxes isn’t a ‘mistake,’ it’s just something they figured they could get away with. The stories have the added benefit of helping the saps figure out that there’s a deal here, and they aren’t in on it.

Yes there is, and no, they we aren’t.