January 24, 2009

HMM: Anti-War Groups Silent on Obama’s Predator Strikes.

What about all that bombing villages and killing civilians talk? No longer operative, I guess.

UPDATE: Charges of racism. “Was that too harsh? No? OK, let’s try again: the antiwar movement is run by racists who only like brown people when they can be used as clubs with which to beat anybody to the antiwar movement’s Right. Well, anyone to their Right, and Jews.” That is a little harsh, isn’t it?

ANOTHER UPDATE: Moe Lane emails: “Hey, I’ve been saving this up for years. I knew that these people would flip their rhetoric once a Democrat was in office; that wouldn’t have been so bad, except that they’re going to try to pretend that (as their favorite work of porn puts it) Oceania was always at war with Eurasia. So now that this day is here, time to start kicking. :)”

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