January 22, 2009

MORE ON THE INAUGURAL TICKET SNAFU: “On the day after Barack Obama became the 44th president of the United States, members of Congress were flooded with complaints from people who just missed the chance to see history made. . . . As Feinstein’s statement suggested, the biggest problem on Inauguration Day came at the purple gate — an Inauguration entrance near First Street and Constitution Avenue Northwest that’s given birth to a Facebook group called ‘Survivors of the Purple Tunnel of Doom.'”

The Inaugural Committee said it based its preparations on “historical precedent” — but all we heard for months was that there would be “unprecedented crowds.” So it shouldn’t have been a surprise. And it’s not as if the crowds were that unprecedented in actuality — had Adrian Fenty’s 5 million materialized, there might have been an excuse, but by all evidence the crowd size was maybe one-fifth that big, and within historical levels.

Hope these guys do a better job on the economy and the war . . . .

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