January 21, 2009

POLITICO: Seven Reasons for a Healthy Skepticism. It’s hard to argue with this one: “We are broke.”

The past several months have produced a rare convergence. Something that politicians of both parties find pleasurable — spending money — has overlapped with what economists and policy experts of all ideological stripes said is urgently necessary. As “Saturday Night Live’s” Church Lady used to say, “How convenient.”

Indeed. Plus this: “Rigorous reporting is even more important when you have one-party rule in Washington. Democrats, like Republicans, are simply less likely to scrutinize a president of their own. The end result here: Don’t expect the Democratic Congress to investigate the Obama administration or hold a bunch of tough oversight hearings.” But don’t expect much more from the press, which has shown no stomach for reporting bad news about Obama, either. Read the whole thing.

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