READER STEVE FISHER on Circuit City’s Bankruptcy/Liquidation:

Haven’t seen any reports on this from fellow i-pundit electronics geeks.. I stopped by today, hoping for some deals. Saw big crowds, but no deep discounts, yet. E.g., only 10% off flat screens, which were still more expensive than I can find on Amazon or Walmart. Will give it a few more days…

Still more expensive than Amazon or Walmart — guess that’s why they’re going under. I have to say, though, that I would rather they had survived and Best Buy had gone down. Plus a few miles west of me there are two strip malls, across the street from one another, anchored respectively by a Goody’s and a Circuit City. With both of those going into liquidation, that’s pretty bad news for them.

Meanwhile, Jim Geraghty looks back at Hillary’s finger-wagging at Circuit City. “I wonder what she would have had them do.” Donate, and then angle for a bailout? It’s the new winning business strategy!