OBAMA GIVES CIA INTERROGATORS a pass on torture. Of course he does.

UPDATE: Maybe he’s following Cass Sunstein’s advice.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Col. Douglas Mortimer emails:

Of course, indeed. Just this week, NPR (Terry Gross?) had some British yak talking about how he hopes during Eric Holder’s confirmation hearing, he is asked whether he thinks waterboarding is torture. The guest went to say that he hopes Holder says “yes,” and that he then goes on to investigate and prosecute everyone who was involved in waterboarding terrorist suspects and who was involved in approving the decision to allow it.

Yeah. Right. Like that’s gonna happen.

I’d be surprised. Plus this: Obama Taps CIA Veteran As Adviser On Terror. To a position that doesn’t require Senate confirmation. “The president-elect’s decision comes only six weeks after Brennan was forced to pull out of contention for the directorship of the CIA because of fears that his statements supporting some controversial interrogation techniques would have complicated his confirmation.” Meet the new boss, yada yada.

MORE: TalkLeft: “This reminds me of Bush’s tendency towards recess appointments to get around Senate confirmation.”