MORE CHARLES RANGEL SCANDAL? New York Times: Rangel Pushed for a Donation; Insurer Pushed for a Tax Cut. Now it’s an A.I.G. connection:

On April 21, 2008, Representative Charles B. Rangel met with officials of the American International Group, the now-troubled insurance giant, to ask for a donation to a school of public service that City College of New York was building in his honor. . . . Mr. Rangel’s exchange with A.I.G. last spring appears to be at odds with the public statements he has made since his fund-raising for the school became an issue. When his approach to A.I.G. was first reported in The Washington Post in July, Mr. Rangel said that he could not recall any issues his committee might have considered in which A.I.G. had an interest.

(Via Lawhawk, who observes: “Rep. Charles Rangel keeps finding himself in this situation.”).

UPDATE: A reader complains that Rangel’s party affiliation is omitted, but in fact, down in paragraph 6, there’s a reference to Rangel’s “fellow Democrats.” Whether party affiliation would be featured more prominently if Rangel were a Republican is a question I’ll leave to readers.

Meanwhile, here’s a big Rangel roundup.