YALE HAS A NEW PRESIDENT. “Yale University named Maurie McInnis, currently president of Stony Brook University and a Yale trustee, as its next president. McInnis, 58 years old, will take the helm of the New Haven, Conn., school in July. She will be the first woman to hold the role on a permanent basis.”

I don’t know much about her, but an Ivy League friend who actually follows these personnel matters is unimpressed: “I work with a lot of talented women. I don’t think she’s likely to join their rank.” Plus:

From her intro email, “I was welcomed into a community that valued curiosity, connection, excellence, and impact.” Like, okay, so does a gang?

“Our talented staff…bring excellence to all they do. Similarly, our students excel in their studies.” 1. I never put staff before students in communications. It’s tacky. 2. Was this written by Chat GPT? She’s a humanities PhD, and it’s terrible.

It’s getting easier for AI to replace humans, because the humans it would replace keep getting worse.