CHRIS BRUNET: I was interviewed by the Harvard Crimson. “I spoke to them on the phone for half an hour, and I was hesitant because I thought they would twist my words or butcher them. I am pleasantly surprised that it is a relatively competent and unbiased article.”

It’s here: Copy-and-Paste: How Allegations of Plagiarism Became the Culture War’s New Frontier.

As for the spurious claim of racism leveled by Rufo’s critics, if you’re examining the work of DEI officials, and those officials are all black women, that doesn’t make you the racist, though it reflects poorly on the people doing the hiring of the DEI officials. Plus: “They’re not real scholars. It’s a fake profession to begin with. So, when it’s fake and plagiarized, it makes it double funny.”

Yes, they know they have to check to boxes with dissertations, etc., but nobody really expects much from them. The work thus tends to be pro forma, and often bogus. This is exposing that.