LIKE IMMIGRATION AND “CLIMATE CHANGE,” AFFIRMATIVE ACTION IS A PRIORITY FOR OUR ELITES, EVEN THOUGH IT’S NOT A PRIORITY OF THE VOTERS: Congress is Preparing to Restore Quotas in College Admissions: And everywhere else — as a very quiet part of the bipartisan “privacy” bill. “More than two-thirds of Americans think the Supreme Court was right to hold Harvard’s race-based admissions policy unlawful. But the minority who disagree have no doubt about their own moral authority, and there’s every reason to believe that they intend to undo the Court’s decision at the earliest opportunity. Which could be as soon as this year. In fact, undoing the Harvard admissions decision is the least of it. Republicans and Democrats in Congress have embraced a precooked “privacy” bill that will impose race and gender quotas not just on academic admissions but on practically every private and public decision that matters to ordinary Americans.”

Plus: “Not surprisingly, quota advocates don’t want to fight such a war in the light of day. That’s presumably why APRA obscures the mechanism by which it imposes quotas.”