DON SURBER: How America came to hate FJB — Inflation, immigration, Afghanistan and Trump have done him in.

People forget that before there were chants of FJB, he was pretty popular. He had a plus 23 rating on job approval as his presidency began and six months later he was at plus 9.6, a very respectable score. Trump was never anywhere close to 9.6 — even on his inauguration day.

Biden was the most unknown president since William Howard Taft to the American people. Most people knew two things about Biden: 1) he was Obama’s VP and 2) he wasn’t Donald Trump. Three years ago, Americans saw No. 2 as a good thing. . . .

His haphazard surrender of Afghanistan did him in. The public saw that he left behind billions of dollars worth of military equipment in a manner reminiscent of Vietnam, a war that helped catapult him into the Senate as a peacenik.

The difference in 2021 was Americans didn’t much care about Afghanistan because no one was drafted to fight it, the protests were few, and the feeling was that we had won. Ditching Afghanistan did him in.

College football crowds began chanting Fuck Joe Biden. This shocked me because college students are supposed to be socialist tools who just repeat whatever their pinko professors say. The media tried to ignore the chants but when the chants hit NASCAR, the media had to notice. Instead of telling the truth, they lied.

The lie backfired.

Everyone hates the press now.