HE’S RIGHT OF COURSE: Columbia Law Professor Says Columbia University Violated Federal Laws, Fostered A ‘Hostile Environment’ On Campus. “If Mitts’ analysis is correct, the consequences for Columbia for violating Title VI and Title VII could be severe. While it is likely that Columbia would take whatever remedial action the government or courts demanded to avoid severe penalties, a standoff could lead to dire consequences potentially including a loss of federal funding. . . . Columbia’s profit margins are razor thin—$200 million in operating income on $6.1 billion in revenue—meaning that liability or federal sanctions would likely force the university to either cut costs, borrow money, or eat into its endowment and thereby reduce its long term competitiveness.”

Nobody thinks that Columbia — or any of the other top universities — would take such a mild line with a group denouncing, abusing, and physically attacking black students, or gay students, or trans students.

Make them pay.

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