CHRIS DODD UPDATE: He ought to be afraid to show his face, but he’s not:

Democratic U.S. Sen. Chris Dodd came home Jan. 6 to East Haddam to talk over his unsuccessful bid for president and to make clear he was not a candidate for vice president. In June, he was tied to the Countrywide Financial scandal when he was accused of accepting a sweetheart mortgage deal. His reputation took a hit, but he denied guilt and kept up his public appearances, including in a Feb. 25 speech at a Middlesex Chamber of Commerce breakfast in Cromwell, Oct. 10 at a Newington meeting with business leaders, an Oct. 17 lecture to civics students at Middletown High School, an Oct. 27 gathering to hear complaints of the working poor in New Britain and a Nov. 15 speech in Farmington on afterschool programs.

It would be interesting if people showed up at those meetings to ask him why he hasn’t released his mortgage documents yet — and put the response up on YouTube.

UPDATE: Ed Driscoll wonders if the Connecticut Post would pay attention since they admit they’re tuning out complaints about Dodd and Countrywide. Journalism in action!