STEPHEN KRUISER’S MORNING BRIEF: Let the Protesters Stay Until Academia Burns to the Ground. “In yesterday’s Briefing, I was mostly referring to the student mobs who have been making all of the anti-Israel noise and trouble on campuses all over America. We can’t forget the adults in academia who are paid handsomely to indoctrinate the kids and saddle them with such crippling ignorance, however. What we’re seeing is the product of decades of pumping impressionable minds full of, to borrow a leftist word, misinformation. . . . We’re not seeing something that came from the deep recesses of the collective college student consciousness. This has been simmering just below the surface for a very long time. Academic leftists are the cancer, the anti-Israel protests are the symptom. What we’ve seen on American campuses since last October has proven what those of us who write about the rot in academia have been saying for years. That rot is pervasive and really does make it seem as if there is nothing redeemable in higher education.”