HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Harvard Business School Prof. Gino Accused of Plagiarism Following Data Fraud Allegations. “According to Science, Gino “borrowed text” from dozens of academic sources. The plagiarism allegations add to a growing number of academic fraud accusations against Gino, as well as recent scrutiny on the integrity of scholarly work produced by Harvard professors and affiliates.”

Plus: “The new plagiarism allegations join a list of data manipulation claims against Gino. Last June, Data Colada — a data integrity blog run by three business school professors — publicly accused Gino of data manipulation in at least four papers. Gino was subsequently barred from campus, stripped of her endowed faculty title, and notified that her tenure was under review for revocation. Harvard conducted an internal investigation of the allegations, producing a nearly 1,300-page report that determined Gino was responsible for the alleged misconduct and recommended her termination. Gino has fiercely maintained her innocence.”

Ivy League academics are the best and the brightest, we were told. Trust their research, we were told. If you don’t, you’re anti-science, we were told.