A TACTIC USUALLY USED BY THE LEFT: Mississippi House and Senate pass ‘Women’s Bill of Rights.’

The Mississippi House of Representatives and Senate passed a bill dubbed as the “Women’s Bill of Rights,” protecting women and girls from males seeking to enter female-only spaces and competitions by identifying as transgender.

Mississippi HB 1607 ties the words “man,” “woman,” “boy,” “girl,” “male,” and “female” to sex. It deals with athletics, shelters, and prisons, and was passed by the Mississippi Senate on Wednesday after the House passed the bill.

Independent Women’s Forum spokeswoman Paula Scanlan said that the bill also helps victims of domestic violence.

“There are places like shelters and women’s prisons,” said Scanlan. “We’re hearing stories across the country of women going to women-only shelters after being abused and their abuser is able to follow them because they show up to the shelter and say they identify (as) a woman. And there’s nothing in law to prevent someone who thinks that they are a woman from entering that space, and that puts victims of domestic violence into very dangerous situations.”

I wonder how many lefties will speak out against this, and reveal themselves as anti-woman.