November 1, 2006

I HAVEN’T PAID MUCH ATTENTION TO TENNESSEE POLITICS other than the Ford-Corker race (which I see as more a national race than a Tennessee race, really) but it’s worth noting that Tennessee blogger Bob Krumm is running for State Senate against incumbent Senator Doug Henry.

Here’s Krumm’s blog, and here’s his campaign page. Here’s Doug Henry’s page.

There’s no question that Krumm has used the Internet more effectively. I remember Henry from when I interned for the state Senate back in the 1980s; sitting in his office on a Saturday with a broken leg talking about Omar Khayyam, who I was reading at the time and with whose work Henry was quite familiar. I liked him. But Krumm’s more 21st Century in his approach, I think it’s fair to say.

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