October 21, 2006

YOU READ IT HERE FIRST: It’s a hand-sanitizer revolution.

UPDATE: A reader emails:

I first noticed the revolution on a cruise this summer (Princess), on which the line actually had staff standing at the entrance to all common eating areas and would not permit passengers to enter until they’d had a blob of Purell squirted in their hands; an excellent idea in my view, and one that would make them my first choice for that type of vacation in the future.

It’s coming.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Alex McCusker emails:

I noticed this as well on our cruise (Cunard) between New York and Southampton in August. At every buffet service there was a hand-sanitizer and the person handing you your plate made sure you took some disinfectant.

This was also the case in the children’s play area where when they walked there was a note asking them to wash their hands.

Most people I observed seemed to understand why this was necessary.

I think it’s a great idea.

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